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ProLink Barriers: A cost-effective new solution for Race Tracks

Auto Race Track Barriers

ProLink Barriers grew from KISS Barriers, which were born from the industry-leading safety technology of NASCAR-deployed "soft walls." Proven in a smaller size at kart race tracks, new 40" high/79" long ProLink Barriers provide auto race tracks with a soft-wall alternative that is fast and easy to deploy - and also can serve as traffic and crowd control barriers throughout the facility. For race tracks using older vehicle barriers like tire walls, ProLink will be a revelation in terms of safety, ease of use and effectiveness.

With a founder who has been racing sports cars for 30 years*, we have met a lot of track owners. One of the owners we know had been using a tire wall for track safety. The track owned 120 cordless drills. Why? So that when it rained, every single person who worked at the track could drill holes in the tires, to drain the water that - if left in place - could cause disease and mosquito infestations.

While there are clearly other safety systems closer to 21st century technology, ProLink provides the one solution that is faster and easier to install, repair and reconfigure...while maintaining the high level of safety required on the racetrack.

  • At just 79 pounds when empty, ProLink Barriers can be installed rapidly by 2 people - or just one worker with a forklift.
  • They can be assembled in literally any configuration, from straight lines to curves to 90° angles.
  • ProLink's advanced composite material and rib-walled construction stands up to vehicle and pedestrian impacts, maintaining their strength and attractive appearance.
  • Perhaps most important, they absorb energy to minimize damage to vehicles or people who hit them.
  • In fact, a line of ProLink Barriers fronted by a row of SoftLink Barriers improves track safety even more, limiting damage to vehicles and drivers.
  • Finally, ProLink Barriers can also be ordered in custom colors, with custom graphics, to coordinate with your track. PLUS, they readily accommodate banners - adding a potential source of advertising revenue to your track.

*CEO RJ Valentine's racing resume includes driving the winning GT car for The Racer's Group in the 2009 Grand Am Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

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